Friday, April 08, 2011

Saturday Painting Palooza Vol.295

Hello again painting fans.

This week I'll be continuing with the painting of the Pink House in Cape May, New Jersey. I will be using the photo seen directly below. I'm working on an 8x10 canvas in my usual acrylic paints.

When last seen, the painting appeared as it does in the photo seen directly below.

Since that time I have continued to work on the painting.

I've finally started on those fussy Victorian details. The detail just under the upper porch roof has now been duplicated on the lower level. Below these details, the so-called gingerbread of the porch brackets has finally found its place. I've attempted to keep it a relatively simple echo of that seen in the original photo. One can easily get carried away. I've also added the shadows to the upper portion of the porch posts. Finally, I've started the railing details but these need much more work.

The current state of the painting is seen in the photo directly below.

That's about it for now. Next week I'll have more progress to show you. See you then. As always, feel free to add photos of your own work in the comments section below.

Earlier paintings in this series can be seen here.



Blogger FARfetched said...

I think the gingerbread is the most detailed thing I've ever seen in your paintings. This could easily turn out to be one of your best yet. Those flat orange-ish (? I'm partly color-blind too) spots need to be filled in, but there's plenty of depth on the left side where you've painted the open air.

9:49 AM  
Blogger boran2 said...

Thanks Far! I've got lots more details to paitn. Hopefully things will turn out well.

9:31 PM  

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