Sunday, May 31, 2009

From Utah With Dust

Here, at long last, is the Mormon Mazda, a 2002 Mazda Millenia that we purchased from a dealer in Utah. It took a mere 3-4 weeks for the commercial transporter to get it from there to here (NY). Apparently, you can get there from here, just not very quickly.

MM's journey took it to Las Vegas, California, Texas, Virginia and New Jersey. Then finally to NY. Suffice it to say that MM is better traveled than many human individuals.

Now out of production for 7 years, this is the 4th such Millenia to grace our driveway. In replacing our current ailing 2002 Millenia, we decided that a low mileage, western, salt-free car was the way to go, as this will likely be the last one we'll own. We had it checked out prior to our purchase. At 52,000 miles it will hopefully give us many years of good servivce.

Oh, there really is some of that red Utah dust in the console storage compartment.



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