Friday, March 06, 2009

Saturday Painting Palooza Vol.187

Hello again painting fans.

This week we'll be continuing with the painting of the 1952 Hudson. The photo that I'm using is seen directly below.

I'll be using my usual acrylics ona 9x12.

Seen in a period advertisement directly below is a similar Hudson.

When last seen, the painting appeared as it does in the photo directly below.

Since that time I have continued to work on the painting.

I've concentrated my efforts on two areas for this week's installment. First, I've adjusted the large chrome area. A few of the details have been deemphasized for a less cluttered look. The original version was just a bit too dense with detail. I think that it works a little better now.

The other change is the addition of the blue gray paint on the roof and rear fender. I've been careful to allow some of the surface rust to show through as it does in the original photo. In order to achieve this it was important to keep the paint from being too watery. Keeping the paint thick and dry allowed the control that I needed.

The current state of the painting is seen in the photo directly below.

That's about it for now. Next week I'll have more progress to show you. See you then. As always, feel free to add photos of your own work in the comments section below.

Earlier paintings in this series can be seen here.

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