Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Putting A Name On Poop

It will be interesting to see how history will treat President Bush subsequent to his occupancy of the oval office.  For at least one city, the tale may be told very soon.

NYT Link

SAN FRANCISCO -- Reagan has his highways. Lincoln has his memorial. Washington has the capital (and a state, too). But President Bush may soon be the sole president to have a memorial named after him that you can contribute to from the bathroom.

From the Department of Damned-With-Faint-Praise, a group going by the regal-sounding name of the Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco is planning to ask voters here to change the name of a prize-winning water treatment plant on the shoreline to the George W. Bush Sewage Plant.

And really, what could be more appropriate?  A celebration of the man with each release of bodily fluids.

Like so many worthwhile ideas, the idea was formulated in appropriate surroundings.

The plan, naturally hatched in a bar, would place a vote on the November ballot to provide "an appropriate honor for a truly unique president."

Naturally, San Francisco Republicans (all 2 of them) are not pleased.

...Howard Epstein, chairman of the ever-outnumbered San Francisco Republican Party, called the initiative "an abuse of process."

"You got a bunch of guys drunk who came up with an idea," Mr. Epstein said, "and want to put on the ballot as a big joke without regard to the city's governance or cost."

Yeah, putting up a new sign could probably bring the city to a near-bankrupt state.


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