Friday, June 17, 2011

Saturday Painting Palooza Volume 305

Hello again painting fans.

This week I'll be continuing with the painting of the Ferrari F430. I will be using the photo seen directly below.

I'm using my usual acrylic paints on a 5x7 canvas.

When last seen, the painting appeared as it does in the photo directly below.

Since that time, I have continued to work on the painting.

I write this as I'm gttingread for NN11. I'd love to meet any of our regular readers that will attend.

For this week I've actually done a fair amount of revision even though this is not readily apparent. I'v reshaped the roof and fenderline as well as the rear window. I've also added another layer of black paint to the body. The lights now appear in red and have been gently reshaped. I've gone over (lightened) the shadow and air extractor but these will both need to be darkened once again.

The current state of the painting is seen in the photo directly below.

That's about it for now. Next week I'll have more progress to show you. See you then. As always, feel free to add photos of your own work in the comments section below.

Earlier paintings in this series can be seen here.


Blogger FARfetched said...

The changes (improvements) are apparent to me! The car continues to take on dimension and clarity.

Hope you enjoyed #NN11. I'd love to go once, just to say I did.

1:09 PM  
Blogger boran2 said...

Thanks Far! The presentations were great at NN! I hipe that you can get there at some point. It's in Rhode Island next year btw.

10:35 PM  

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