Friday, November 07, 2008

Saturday Painting Palooza Vol.170

Welcome back.

This week we'll be continuing with the painting of the grille of a 1949 Packard automobile. The photo that I'm using is seen in the photo directly below. I'll be using my usual acrylics on an 8x10 canvas.

Seen in a vintage illustration directly below is the entire vehicle showing the grille in context.

When last seen, the painting appeared as it does in the photo directly below.

Since that time I have continued to work on the painting. I have started to paint the green body color. Of course this is only the preliminary layer. I've also painted a thin blue on the chrome parts. This will become opaque and provide a background for all those chromey details to come. In fact, I've started those details on the bumperguard. The headlight has also received some attention. Finally, the first layer of the roadway makes an appearance, seen in the lower lefthand corner.

The current state of the painting is seen in the photo directly below.

That's about it for now. Next week I'll have more progress to show you. See you then. As always, feel free to add photos of your own work in the comments section below.

Earlier paintings in this series can be seen here.


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