Wednesday, November 05, 2008

President Elect Obama!

It was a late night, but one well worth staying up for. I was worred early on, with Senator Obama having only Vermont in his column and Senator McSame starting to gain electoral votes. But then things began to change dramatically. Pennsylvania went blue and things started to snowball.

Upon reaching 207 electoral votes, it was clear that with the addition of the reliably blue 3 west coast states, it would be an Obama win. And shortly thereafter, NBC broke away. Upon returning, I expected more results but there was already a graphic indicating Obama as the winner. We were elated to finally see what we had long anticipated.

I woke the 9 year old boran2 boy to tell him. He was excited. Seeing his face it was clear that this was worth the loss of a few minutes of sleep.

Congratulations to Senators Obama and Biden. And let the change begin.



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