Wednesday, May 28, 2008

3 Years Old

This blog is now 3 years old. To say that it is now nothing like I first envisioned it to be is an understatement of gross proportions.

I had hoped that SLB (Formerly the lamely named "Omniblog".) would join the ranks of the better known blogs. The term naive does not accurately portray my thinking at that time. Eventually, I realized that time did not allow for the development of an original "voice", or for appropriate research. The early environmental posts have given way to other things. It is more personal now, with few of the visitors that came for those older posts.

My priorities have been reshaped along with my expectations. I've thought about deleting the entire thing, but somehow I couldn't do it. I'll continue, at least for the time being. And of course, I'll post at BooMan and the great orange satan.

Thanks to those who continue to post kind words.


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