Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Congested Thinking

With the disclosure that the Feds will be sending $350 million dollars to New York City (Specifically, Manhattan.) for the reduction of street traffic (The term congestion is the current fashionable jargon.), one can only wonder how this huge amount of funds could be better managed. For the uninitiated, Manhattan, one of five boroughs (Or counties.) that comprise the City, is an island with a number of entry points. Most of these are already subject to substantial tolls for their useage.

The federal funds are being used to construct a system including computers and cameras to monitor and control/reduce the said congestion. It seems to this observer that this same result could be achieved by doubling (or tripling) tolls on the various entry roads/bridges (or approaches in Gothamspeak.) leading to the island during relevant hours. This could be supplemented by adding tolls to those approaches currently without tolls.

In a time when so many are going without necessities including healthcare, setting yet another layer of technology over the city is a tremendous waste of precious resources. When will we set straight our misguided priorities?


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