Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Verizon Sux

During the day, at work, my evil overlords make sure that I and my fellow servants employees don't get too much dangerous internet exposure. Blocks provide this valuable service, making the workplace safe for all, while limiting severely the sites we can access. Hence my usual nightly visits to the diaspora of blogger friends.

While at home, I expect somewhat less restraint via our trusty Netzero dial-up service. Yes, dial-up. Ahem, when the snickering subsides, I'll continue my tale.

(boran2 crosses arms and taps foot.)

Accordingly, our dial-up internet service is dependent upon reliable telephone service. You know, those near obsolete land lines. Yesterday, I came home only to find that ours had been disconnected without any prior warning. We had recently come to Verizon from MCI, our provider of many years. MCI has recently been acquired by Verizon, but customers won't be moved over automatically. A formal request is required. And in June we made such a request. I received my final MCI bill and paid the few remaining dollars due on my account. All was well. Or so it seemed.

Upon discovering the discontinuation of our service, I dialed as the recording directed. But, so sorry, all billing inquiries must take place before 6:00PM. I was determined to speak to an actual person, but the only one available was responding to inquiries about repairs. He could not address matters of billing. I could not do anything until the next day. I called MCI. Lo and behold, an actual person was answering calls despite the imminent demise of the company as a separate entity. But no, I could not switch back. Suddenly the company had ceased to operate within New York state.

Angry, I went to bed without my internet fix. Upon calling the next day, it was discovered that I had received no bills since June because Verizon had an incorrect address. Service would be restored. But even if Verizon did not have my correct address, couldn't I have received a call regarding termination of service? One would assume that Verizon does have my phone number, no?

Yes, I'm back after my little-noticed forced hiatus.


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