Saturday, August 05, 2006

Saturday Painting Palooza Vol. 52

Welcome back!

This week we'll be continuing with the painting of Wild Horse Butte, a scene from southern Utah.  It is seen in the photo directly below.

When last we met, the painting appeared as it does directly below.

Since that time, I've worked on the sky. I've added the cloud to the left side, as seen in the original photo above. The remainder of the sky has been changed and the rough areas right against the butte. The sky now acts as a kind of halo to the butte. I may yet change this effect. In all fairness, I hadn't noticed it until I stood back after painting for short period. But the overall appearance is soft, consistent with the foreground. The painting is seen below.

I'm almost done with this one. Next week will be our last installment on this piece. It will be interesting to see how this one looks in a frame. Meanwhile, I have, once again, the preview of our next painting below.

It is a circa 1950 Hudson Hornet. That's all that I'll say for now. See you next week.


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