Thursday, August 03, 2006

Selling Out

What could explain this?

Native populations have suffered for decades through various government actions. During that time, valuable resources have been taken.

But now, it seems that a coalition of native nations are complicit.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada, August 2, 2006 (ENS) - The British Columbia government and Clayoquot Sound First Nations have decided to allow logging in untouched Clayoquot Sound watersheds that environmental groups fought for more than 15 years to protect.

But these are not just any untouched watersheds. These old growth parcels were the subject of earlier protests that drew the attention of thousands and ultimately resulted in protection agreements.

Clayoquot Sound became a battleground in the 1990s when a government decision to allow logging in the island rainforest was opposed by environmental groups. More than 10,000 people stood in logging blockades and nearly 900 people were arrested before a 1999 agreement was signed by environmental groups, First Nations and the logging company McMillan Bloedel. ...

Seven years ago environmental groups signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the First Nations logging company, Iisaak Forest Resources, preserving the remaining wild forested areas in Clayoquot Sound for cultural, ecological, non-timber and ecotourism values.

But money trumps all comers. There is no force which it can't overcome, no mountain too high to scale, no ocean too deep to cross.

"The problem is that the forest lobby is stronger and more well-established than the tourism lobby, and the government has not put in place laws halting the logging of old growth in B.C.," said Carr. Sixty percent of the old-growth forest in each area is now open to logging.

But, apparently not all have lost their heads to the great sellout.

SEATTLE, Aug. 2 — Indian tribes along the Klamath River rallied in Portland on Wednesday for the removal of four hydroelectric dams that block salmon from spawning in their historic habitat upriver, and they said they intended to pressure the governors of Oregon and California to help push for removing the dams.

I wish them luck.


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