Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Very Modest Proposal

Now that the big 3 are (allegedly) at the brink, we here at SLB have a proposal for the weakest one, Chrysler. The iconic and well-received PT Cruiser is slated for the big auto scrapyard in the sky. With its departure, the Dodge Caliber, a car unknown to most people, is the smallest car remaining in the lineup. But small is a relative term. The Caliber, a crossover, is hardly a competitor for the efficient cars of other manufacturers.

Here is our proposal.

Chrysler is now manufacturing minivans for corporate partner Volkswagen. Chrysler should utilize its connection and negotiate for some VW turbodiesel engines. These should then be installed (with any necessary modifications) into a freshened PT Cruiser, and marketed properly. A stopgap measure to be sure, but perhaps the PT's icon status might buy a dwindling Chrysler Corporation some needed time.



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