Friday, May 25, 2007

Bush: It's going to get worse

Speaking on Thursday in the White House Rose Garden, President Bush was apparently preparing an already skeptical audience for things yet to come. He indicated that things in Iraq will likely get far worse, before (if) they get better.  Left unsaid was his precise definition of the term better, but one would assume that coporate profits must figure in there somewhere.  

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"We're going to expect heavy fighting in the weeks and months. We can expect more American and Iraqi casualties." He added, "It could be a bloody -- it could be a very difficult August."

Would that be a difficult August for Mr.Bush or for our armed forces?  In the current administration one can never be precisely sure.

And the strategy apparently continues to be peace through war, taken up a notch or two.

In this case, he said that while the troop increase might mean more casualties in the short run, it would ultimately lead to a more stable Baghdad.  "Our new strategy is designed to help Iraq's leaders provide security for their people and get control of their capital, so they can move forward with reconciliation and reconstruction," Mr. Bush said. "As these reinforcements carry out their missions, the enemies of a free Iraq -- including Al Qaeda and illegal militias -- will continue to bomb and murder in an attempt to stop us."

If there is anyone left to govern, that is.

Referring to recommendations of the Iraq Study Group:

"The recommendations of Baker-Hamilton appeal to me," Mr. Bush said, referring to the study group's co-chairmen, James A. Baker III and Lee H. Hamilton. "And that is to be embedded and to train and to guard the territorial integrity of the country, and to have Special Forces to chase down Al Qaeda."

One can only wonder if Mr.Bush has actually read these recommendations, but having a special force dedicated to chasing down Al Qaeda was likely not amongst them.

He did offer advice to the next inhabitant of the oval office.

"They are a threat to your children," Mr. Bush said of Al Qaeda. "Whoever is in the Oval Office better understand it, and take measures necessary to protect the American people."

My 8 year old takes note.

But a certain winged critic had the last say.

And not even the sight of a bird relieving itself upon the president's arm during the news briefing, and his wiping the residue away, could dampen spirits. "It's our lucky day," said Dana Perino, a deputy White House press secretary.

Yeah, lucky, that's the word.



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