Saturday, May 19, 2007

BooMan Tribune: Almost Unrecognizable

It is with great sadness that I write this post, usually left to more appropriate locales such as mobettameta. BMT is almost unrecognizable. It had been a place to comment/debate upon current events and chat in the cafe. But so many old names are gone (though a few have snuck back in) and the cafe is almost completely dead. I still go there but find that the many new names are interested in a different atmosphere.

Yes, I have been around long enough to know the evolution of BMT, the how/why of its current state. But there has been a recent influx of new individuals, or what appears to be new individuals. Many have a very narrow range of interests, only showing up for specific (one issue) issues. I have also found that the narrow range of interests includes a narrow range of openmindedness. To be blunt, narrow-minded is, perhaps, being kind. Meanwhile, in a striking irony, my openmindedness to various viewpoints has left me open to being likened to an operative for another large well known blog, otherwise known as big orange. If I ran in those circles, I wouldn't need to post at a very lonely blogspot blog which few, if any, will ever read. This post is therapy more than anything else.

If you happen to pass by and read this, thank you. Leave a comment if you wish. If you are BooMan, please take this in the spirit that it is meant.


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