Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tribal Council

Though the SLB staff wanted to give the boot to the very shrill James Carville for his recent remarks directed against Howard Dean, there is another deserving individual, Senator George Allen of Virginia.

In the wake of his narrow defeat, Senator Allen has left his parting shot. While millions go without health insurance and others must suffer with a $5.15 hourly wage, it is yet a third group that is the intended beneficiary of Senator Allen's latest bill. SB 4057, the National Park Second Amendment Restoration and Personal Protection Act of 2006, is intended to permit the carrying of firearms into the national parks. Yes, this bill is intended to benefit all those poor prospective victims of rampant national park crime, legion as they are.

Senator Allen apparently fails to see that his arrogance in failing to address the real needs of his constituents has, at least in part, led to his recent defeat. More fuel for the debate on short term limits.

Senator Allen, the tribe has spoken.


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