Monday, September 25, 2006

Special Tribal Council

After the Chavez speech at the UN, New York congresscritter Charlie Rangel made an impassioned attempt at defense of our fearless leader. Unfortunately, in doing so, he has played into the hands of the opposition, doing their dirty work for them. Why would a Democrat defend such a president, especially when Mr.Chavez was quite correct?!! (The fact that the disparaging remarks constituted only a small part of the speech is lost upon the congressman.) Mr.Chavez is, at most, guilty of poor timing. But his point was well made, and to a large and largely receptive audience. (Maybe his timing wasn't so bad after all.)

Is Mr.Rangel trying to fill the void that will be left by the coming departure of DINO Senator Joe Lieberman? Start kissing up now.

Congressman Rangel, you have been voted off the virtual island of Left Blogistan.

The tribe has spoken.


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