Saturday, September 16, 2006

No Words

The t-shirt had no words. And neither did I.

I was at once both shocked and disgusted.

My co-worker (This one has no gun) had the gall to walk the entire length of the long main corridor in the county courthouse wearing the f*cking thing. But here in a county a bit north and west of New York City, sadly, he might actually find some support. The offending garment is depicted below. (I had to sneak into his office to get this shot.)

Being speechless can be a real problem in my line of work. But even the history of this particular individual hadn't prepared me for this. (His desk has bumper stickers that include "The road to hell is paved with liberals.")

When I first noticed him wearing it, shortly after he came into the office, all I could say was a sarcastic "Nice shirt". He made some brief reply, but I wasn't really paying attention. My mind was swirling with questions.

But of all the questions that I would like to have answered, I would most like to know what set of circumstances would bring an intelligent, educated (attorney) individual to would wear such a garment. Clearly, this is something other than your garden variety wingnut.

I've worked with this individual for about 9 years. During that time I've had with him several political discussions that have lead to raised voices. So I know that a discussion about the shirt would likely (definitely) be a useless effort.

But still I wonder. Why would he wear it?

How could such an individual actually believe that further violence is the path to peace? I suppose that if you can eliminate enough people, "peace" will prevail.

Naturally, this individual wears a cross the size of my palm. What other accessory could better accompany this shirt? Clearly, his cross is only an accessory and not a symbol of his faith.

I'm a fan of the Sherlock Holmes books. I read all of the books and short stories some time ago. But something that has stayed with me is that where the expected explanations fail, one must look to those that are somewhat less likely.

So I'm guessing that aliens came by his house one day, abducted him and replaced him with one of their own.

Feel free to post your own explanations for his behavior.


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