Friday, September 22, 2006

Double Drat! Foiled Again!

Ending yet another Bush giveaway to his corporate masters, a federal judge has revived a Clinton administration ban on road construction in pristine forest areas. In doing so, the court struck down a 2005 Bushco regulation that had states making individual requests to federal authorities for protection of these areas. Sanity has prevailed and control has now been returned to the states, exactly where it belongs. State authorities may now make their own decisions without the oversight that Mr.Bush had inserted.

Recently, a number of such brave judges have acted in a similar fashion striking down some of the administration's giveaways that are intended to be passed off as "environmental policy". SLB applauds all of those judges that have stood up to what must be intense pressure. Though most congresscritters have become mere rubberstamps for such legislation, it is heartening to see a healthy and functioning judiciary. Kudos.


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