Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Wingnut Had A Gun: The Sequel

Sequels rarely have the impact of the original.  But not always.  

Remember this guy?   Maybe not, but he's back.  But now he's got a new groove.  Or at least he did earlier today.

Here's what happened.

The w-nut (co-worker), whom I haven't seen for awhile, sees me and struts up to my desk.  He says hi and begins to examine the 4 pound fragment of dinosaur bone that I and the boran2 boy dragged back from our recent trip out to Utah and Arizona.  (Madame boran is only very mildly amused by such acquisitions, but, as they say, I digress.)

Having completed his examination he steps back only to find my Bush calendar of fictitious, but strangely realistic, quotes.  (September: "And to the C students, I say that you too can be president of the United States.)  After a few seconds of scrutiny, he begins what will be a rant.  But I am not expecting what is about to come.

He starts off with some vague concerns about security and subsequently veers off toward his concerns about Iran.  After a few moments, I state that I have greater concern with other aspects of security than I do with Iran's potential use of atomic weapons.  Strangely, he states his agreement with this point.  It was at this juncture that I began to wonder if it was getting chilly down by the shores of the river Styx.  

But then the rant starts in ernest.

He continues and begins to talk about the "billions" spent in Iraq.  He then notes how the money could have been spent for other things.  In this case, shockingly enough, he states that the money could have been used for things that people here are in need of. < gasp > I am shocked.  This added an entirely new dimension to our ongoing conversations.  It was at this point that I was just itching to indicate that he was sounding very much like a liberal, but I didn't dare interfere, for fear of not hearing the rest of this priceless rant.

W-nut then begins talking about his son.  Apparently, his son, employed by a local utility, is struggling with rent and other expenses incurred by his family.  W-nut indicates that his son is one such person in need.

He continues on in this fashion for a bit.  I am tempted to indicate that, typically, Democrats are far more concerned with the domestic issues that make up much of our daily lives, rather than world conquest.  But there is time.  All in due time.          


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