Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday Painting Palooza Vol. 54

Welcome back!

This week, I'll be starting our new project, the 1950 Hudson Hornet seen in the photo directly below.

Where do we start?

With subject matter such as this, it's all about the proportions. The correct proportions are crucial to achieve the right look of the car. With cars, the wheelbase, the distance from front wheelcenter to rear wheelcenter is the important measurement. Looking at the photo, note that four units the size of each wheel, in a line, would fit between the wheel centers. Or, 3 wheels in line would fit in the space between the front and rear wheels.

Further proportions are evident. The front end protrudes about one half the size of one wheel beyond the front of the car. The rear protrudes about the length of a full wheel. The hood rises about one half wheel above the front wheel. And so on.

Once some basic measurements have been made, the rest falls into place.

The photo directly below shows my basic drawing, still in need of some adjustment, with my marks still showing directly below the car. I need to adjust the cabin roof, but there will be time later.

One thing that I did not notice until after the drawing was done, the car sits midway between the top and bottom of the canvas. That is not usually a good choice. It usually makes for a less interesting work as there is no dominant point of view. (either from above or below.) But the drawing is too far along to go back. I'll hope that this one of those happy accidents. I will note that the heavy shadow under the car may help.

I'll leave it here. Next week we'll add some paint. See you then.


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