Thursday, July 31, 2008

Connecticut Prepares For Plug-In Hybrids

Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell, in an apparent rare bit of enlightened foresight for a Republican, has indicated that the state will prepare for infrastructure necessary to support widespread use of plug-in hybrid vehicles.  (Shocking, I know.)


"We need to make sure the state's electric infrastructure is ready for the additional demand, and we want to avoid problems that could crop up if, say, a high number of EVs are charging on a 98-degree summer day when power is at a premium for air conditioners and other devices," the governor said.

Although none are currently in production, it is anticipated that use of such vehicles could begin as early as 2010.

And, oh my goodness, is this recognition of global warming?!!

"The benefits to our planet, our businesses and families, not to mention the potential cost savings from a coordinated and intelligently planned roll-out of EVs, make Connecticut's participation in EV integration discussions imperative," the governor said.

The Governor has directed that Connecticut utilities be involved with preparations.

The integration discussions were announced last week. General Motors and 34 utilities will collaborate with the Electric Power Research Institute on research and development to facilitate integration of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles into the power grid.

Today, Governor Rell directed DPUC Chairman Donald Downes to "ensure Connecticut utilities are actively involved in the discussions."

And here she goes again, seeming to acknowledge global warming.  

"In a time of soaring energy prices," said Governor Rell, "Connecticut has an opportunity to be a national leader in reducing our dependence on foreign energy sources and in integrating available technologies in a way that will reduce emissions and may potentially lower costs to consumers."

Can it really be so?  



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