Thursday, March 01, 2007

Spare the Children

Today my 8 year old brought home one of those kiddie magazines that the schools hand out. Inside was an article about Condoleeza Rice. It described how as secretary of state she is in charge of relationships with other countries. An interesting way to phrase it, I thought.

Accompanying the "kidzine" was a written assignment consisting of several questions. Aimed at reading comprehension, one such question asked about describing her job. I suggested tool of the adiministration but to this madame boran was not receptive, and gave me a pointed look. Yes, we wouldn't want children to know the ugly truth, let them labor in blissful ignorance instead. I did not push the issue.

The next question asked what the student would want to ask Ms.Rice. I thought what is it like to be a tool of the administration but did not verbalize my thoughts. Ultimately, the boran2 boy came up with something uniquely childlike for his question, What are your parents names?

I chuckled to myself.


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