Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tribal Council

It's that time again. This week the lucky individual to be ejected from the virtual island of Left Blogistan won't be some mere politician or other subject of current events. No, this time we're aiming at the big kahuna. (Well, at least in reality TV terms.)

Mr. Mark Burnett, producer of Survivor, has, apparently, run into a brick wall with respect to that grandaddy of reality TV. The current edition is weighed down by the now obligatory Exile Island, boring participants and lackluster challenges. The locale is pretty but not spectacular by Survivor terms. The teams are made up of mostly 20somethings picked more for looks than interesting character. Few older individuals are evident. As such, the current cycle has fallen out of the top ten. Mr.Burnett, go back to the original format: sixteen interesting individuals of various ages. The inspiration for this blog has fallen on hard times.

Mr.Burnett, the tribe has spoken.


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