Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I felt it tonight when I thought that 18 months of work had disappeared.

Clicking numerous times on my link in favorites for this site all I could get was a dark blue screen. I thought that the worst had happened and that it was all gone. I felt a raw fear and a sense of loss.

You see, even though few come here and chirping crickets can sometimes be heard, I apparently have some emotional connection that is far stronger than I suspected. Why that is I'm not quite sure. A blog is a thing nurtured, a fragile thing, but one that can have a great impact on its readers. And apparently on its writer. Don't get me wrong, I'm painfully aware that this blog isn't one of those widely read posts. The few comments that appear are highly appreciated, when they appear. But my sense of loss was no less.

Finally, after many clicks, the familiar logo appeared. Relief.


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