Friday, June 16, 2006

More YearlyKos

I've had a few days to consider the impact of the YearlyKos convention. It still amazes me that progressive bloggers were able to draw the list of luminaries that appeared at the Las Vegas convention. All those bloggers (1000 or so) were acknowledged in a big way. And, of course, it is their support (and money) that is now being sought.

Have progressive bloggers become just another interest group (or source for cash)? Not quite. Unlike single issue interest groups, the bloggers are not necessarily in agreement. Views vary amongst them. (Although there is a something of an accord on certain issues.) As such, attempts to corral the support of progressive bloggers may be difficult, if not impossible.

Did visiting politicians waste their time? Perhaps, if the intent was to draw uniform support for their candidacy. Nothing that I saw would lead me to believe otherwise, not even the posh Mark Warner party. (Progressive bloggers are nothing if not perceptive.) But those speakers who appeared in support of pet issues (energy policy, science) may find that their time was well spent. Many of these bloggers are dedicated activists, persistent in their respective issues. For these progressive bloggers, the panel discussions often provided new knowledge and served to reenergize a particular interest, with the assistance of a famous face.

In any event, it is now clear that proggressive bloggers are a force which the present system must acccomodate.


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