Friday, November 11, 2005

Torture Is A Joke

No, the title doesn't reflect my personal feelings. However, it is an accurate reflection of my coworker's feelings. The incident happened yesterday afternoon.

It was shortly before 5:00 and I got up from my desk to check my inbox in the outer office. A few other people were in the vicinity. In strolled one of my coworkers, another attorney that I've known for almost 8 years. He is a self-described WASP and a Republican of the variety known as the "base". (He is well aware of my political tendencies and we have had more than one loud argument.)

Due to the vagaries of our Hudson Valley weather he wore a trenchcoat. Upon his head was an incongruous onject, a tan baseball cap.

Upon approaching closer a logo was visible. In the center was a figure and the words Club Gitmo.

He was obviously proud of this new aquisition and showed to another individual nearby. He laughed and read the words embroidered on the back, Stay and play where the prisoners stay.

Though I knew his tendencies, I was astounded at his insensitivity.

As surprised as I was I felt the sudden urge to test him. I said somewhat snarkily, "If you were there You could piss on a Koran." His reply confirmed his contempt, "If I was there I would piss on the Koran." In this he was not joking.

So what is it about a white middle-aged professional that is the product of an insulated upbringing, that has never served in the military, that produces such an insensitive outlook. Perhaps, at least in part, I've answered my own question.


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