Friday, September 16, 2005

The Wingnut Sheds His...Wings

Since the time of the 2004 presidential campaign I've found myself involved in numerous discussions of a political nature. Some of these have produced interesting give-and-take, others have become a bit ugly.

Although the county where I live tends to go blue, it is decidedly red in the county where I am employed. So, having had a few too many heated exchanges with certain coworkers, I choose my battles a bit more carefully now.

I've been employed for almost 8 years as an assistant county attorney, dealing mostly with family court issues. One of our court officers, (hereafter, Officer X) a polite gentleman (and Republican) with several years experience has always greeted my concerns about this administration with a sarcastic, "It's all Bush's fault." This statement was always accompanied with a smirk. I've grown to anticipate this response and usually just smile. Oh, don't get me wrong, Officer X will actually listen to my rant du jour but he will remain unmoved, discussing but always ending with his favorite chant, "It's all Bush's fault." And the smirk. This has now become our comfortable time-honored pattern.

Well, today, I had a shock. It seems that Officer X has changed his tune.

I approached Officer X's courthouse station and offered my morning greetings to him. Immediately thereafter he started a discussion about gas prices and his increased expenses. We discussed the situation for a brief time, comparing our commutes and the gas mileage of our respective vehicles. He indicated his opinion that the price of gas was being manipulated.

And then it came. At the close of this discussion he looked at me and said, "It's all Bush's fault." But this time he was deadly serious. The smirk was not offered. He continued, "I may have to go Democratic." He was clearly upset. He looked a bit bewildered.

I was startled but made no further remarks. He has seen the light.

Welcome to the fold, Officer X.


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