Monday, December 03, 2007

Tribal Council

Once again we find ourselves seated around the Tribal Council campfire contemplating the decision of whom to eject from the virtual island of Left Blogistan.

Up for your consideration is Tom Shindell, director for organizational development of the Texas Education Agency. It is said that Mr.Shindell has requested the resignation of a science teacher of long-standing duration.

NYT Link

HOUSTON, Dec. 2 — After 27 years as a science teacher and 9 years as the Texas Education Agency’s director of science, Christine Castillo Comer said she did not think she had to remain “neutral” about teaching the theory of evolution. ...

But now Ms. Comer, 56, of Austin, is out of a job, after forwarding an e-mail message on a talk about evolution and creationism — “a subject on which the agency must remain neutral,” according to a dismissal letter last month that accused her of various instances of “misconduct and insubordination” and of siding against creationism and the doctrine that life is the product of “intelligent design.” ...

Her departure, which has stirred dismay among science professionals since it became public last week, is a prelude to an expected battle early next year over rewriting the state’s science education standards, which include the teaching of evolution.

This revives a debate which was to have ended long, long ago. But apparently evolution, despite ample fossil evidence, is still the subject of denial by some.

Although Mr.Shindell was not the sole moving force and is likely only another agency automaton, he will get the vote this week.

Farewell Mr.Shindell. The tribe has spoken.


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