Wednesday, May 03, 2006

States Sue Feds On Mileage Standards

Not content with continuing federal incompetence, 10 states have initiated a lawsuit challenging the existing mileage standards for light trucks.


California today launched its latest skirmish with the Bush administration over environmental rules, suing the federal government over SUV gas-mileage standards that the state considers too lax.

The suit, joined by nine other states, argues that the federal government didn't fully consider potential damage to the environment when it announced new fuel efficiency standards for sports utility vehicles and light trucks. Under the administration's new standards, issued in March, those vehicles must have a fleet-wide average of 24 mpg by the year 2011.

You may recall that Mr.Bush recently requested independent control over automobile standards. A simple enough request, no?


In Biloxi, Miss., Bush noted Congress was debating several energy-related concepts, "and one idea is to give me a capacity to raise CAFE standards on automobiles.

"I encourage them to give me that authority. It's authority that I use for light trucks. And I intend to use it wisely if Congress would give me that authority," Bush said.

Umm, I have 2 questions at this juncture.  First, is there actually anyone left capable of being convinced that such authority would be used  wisely?  (Perhaps those unfortunate individuals who just fell off the turnip truck, or however the saying goes.)  Secondly, why is authority being requested by an individual who saw no wrong in usurping the FISA courts on domestic spying?  But I digress.

On the existing standards, there was this incisive quote:

NYT Link

The attorney general of Massachusetts, Thomas F. Reilly, said in a statement, "At a time when we are all facing a gas crisis, the Bush administration is pushing for fuel economy standards that appear to be authored by the oil and auto industries."

And this:

"It's disappointing when you see power exercised to benefit the auto industry rather than consumers or environmental challenges," said Bill Lockyer, the attorney general of California, discussing the Bush administration's fuel economy rules.

The various states bringing suit are as follows:





New Jersey

New Mexico

New York


Rhode Island


District of Columbia

New York City

The Attorney General of New York State has an extensive press release, seen in part directly below:


May 02, 2006


... "At a time when consumers are struggling to pay surging gas prices and the challenge of global climate change has become even more clear, it is unconscionable that the Bush Administration is not requiring greater mileage efficiency for light trucks," said Attorney General Spitzer. "The failure of this Administration to lead on vital environmental issues like this will burden our nation for generations to come."

"Given the number of light trucks that travel daily around New York City, the NHTSA should not have ignored, among other things, the significant environmental effects of the carbon dioxide emitted from such vehicles that contribute to climate change," said New York City Corporation Counsel Cardozo. "The City remains concerned about the adverse impacts from global warming that our residents, infrastructure, and resources have and will continue to experience in light of the City's coastal, island geography and extremely dense urban population." ...

The full release can be found at the link.


Blogger Tate said...

Wanted to say I really liked your painting on DKos and your commentary. I keep meaning to get back to art and spiritual sites but I have become addicted to reading about the bushco horror which is not healthy, so I thank you for a better image to place in my mind.

I signed up for membership in DKos a few months ago and made just a few comments then could not log on and got strange messages when tried to sign up again so I gave up trying to post or I would have given you a four.

I am a painter but when I can tear myself away from the bush trainwreck he is involving the world in I have several gymnastic photo and photo sequences groups with a few of my paintings of gymnasts. I post political stories even though no one responds except negatively but keep hoping someone will be influence to get involved enough to at least sign petitions. I have a number of UK and members from other countries but they to have objected to the political postings.

Some of my groups and blogs are:


I do some special effects in Photoshop Elements from photos or imported screen captures from gymnastics videos.

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